Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Checking in

In the middle of the night

My absence from the blog seems to imply that I've been really sick since that was my last post. Not the case. The bug went from Robb to me to Mom and seemed to be a 24-48 hour thing. Maureen dodged the bullet.

Laundry day

The real reason I haven't been posting was that Robb was working in Silver Spring for 2 weeks. We spent that time staying at Mom's house. It gave me a chance to practice leaving the house with the baby. Running errands with the munchkin in tow is a whole new ballgame. I am relearning life skills by trial and error, like taking a shower, walking the dog, going to the mall, purchasing a sandwich, attending staff meetings at work, and going to the doctor. It's occupational therapy. Robb's taken Maureen to the grocery store several times. I'm still working up to that one.


Tmomma said...

Roo was an absolute pleasure to take places as an infant...he would scream and cry the whole way there and back in the car. Somewhere between 1 and 2 he finally grew out of it. Nice to hear you're successfully going out and about!

Sorry to hear that you had the bug; we actually got it a second time last week and the week before, Bug was down for an entire week...good times!

Mo said...

Fuzzwolf dodged our bug too. Yay for handwashing! (knock on wood n stuff)

I am doing the same thing. I had it all down with a four year-old; now there are two and it is all different again. Keep at it, it gets easier! (right?)