Sunday, January 16, 2011

More things I did not know 2 weeks ago

5. Burping baby can give you a fat lip, if your baby, like ours, interprets burping as a cruel trick to cheat her out of more milk and insists upon doing pushups off of your chest during the burping while swinging her head straight at your face like a wrecking ball. I've taken to calling her The Fighting Forehead. (When was the last time you watched The Commitments?)

6. Our dog is the size of a Clydesdale. Comparatively speaking.

7. When Maureen was born we heard Dr. A say that the umbilical cord was wrapped loosely around her neck. So she had good reason to be--and stay--breech. What a smart baby!

8. For a while I was on the fence about breastfeeding, especially after I read that your boobs can get up to three times larger once your milk comes in. I was all, "Holy crap, if that happens I'll have to join the circus!" My friend Tina assured me that what I read was bologna, and that my boobs would be the same size they were at the time of delivery. What I did not know 2 weeks ago is that Tina is a liar.

Making the breast of it


Tmomma said...

i love the look on you face in this picture! they do shrink when you're done but they're never the same, lol!

burping is such a PITA, Roo was never really good at burping, and as a reflux baby we were supposed to burp him every few oz's, yeah, that just didn't work..and Bug burped better but heck if he'd let you pull him off the boob, so he got burped at the two will figure out your groove :)

bbmowery said...

Posting this pic was funny until some perv (user name something like Booblover72) commented on Flickr. Dude, this is my child's food source, not a moonbounce for overgrown teenage boys. Ick.

What's a PITA?

bbmowery said...

Oh wait, PITA. I get it.

Mo said...

That lying liar.
(they do go back somewhat-but yeah, never the same)

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahaa... agree with all comments!! NEVER THE SAME! Sorry!

bbmowery said...

You know what really sucks? I snapped this photo while I was taking diuretics for swelling in my legs. Now that I finished the Rx, my boobs are actually larger than pictured here. I was looking forward to running a couple 5k's this spring, but I'll be damned if they make sports bras to account for all of this!