Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy quilts

More clothes than Mommy

The best thing about having crafty family and friends is receiving gorgeous handmade blankets. The worst thing about having crafty family and friends is the pressure of receiving gorgeous handmade blankets. Look at all of them lined up, waiting to be put into the game. Maureen has several more blankets, handmade and store bought, beyond those pictured here. At that moment I took the photo one was wrapped around baby, one was in the laundry, one was acting as a seat cushion in the rocking chair, and one was draped over the end of the crib.

Play time

My friend Julie made this quilt for Maureen. My first impulse was to sew loops on the back so we could hang it on the wall. I mean, there's a lot of white fabric there, and that girl is very likely to pee, poop, vomit, and/or spill juice on it. But upon reflection that is exactly what is supposed to happen. I can't imagine a sadder fate for a handmade quilt than being designated as a strictly decorative item. This quilt was made with love--for use.

Play time

Have you ever seen such a happy quilt?

Curtain rod to display quilts

The solution was this. Robb installed a decorative curtain rod high on the wall above the crib. This way we can display a quilt temporarily and add a splash of color to an otherwise empty wall. But we can easily change the display quilt to give Maureen something different to look at and give the quilt a chance to see some action. Oh, wait...

Bumpers off

...that's better. Sorry bumpers, it's back into the closet for you. We debated whether removing them was strictly necessary. Then during tummy time we watched our little angel roll herself onto her back. Twice. Clearly an accident, but enough to convince us that the bumpers need to go away until she can roll over for reals. Safety first, kids.


Mo said...

Pretty! Its like being wrapped/dressed with people's love.
(yeah, that was damn cheesy. I know.)

My sister had this problem with her Thanksgiving-born baby and all of the "baby's first christmas" outfits that were showered upon her. THere were many staged photos going on. Also, mid-party costume changes.

old dog said...

I love that quilt. The colors are great and the prairie points and corner blocks add pizazz.
Where would I be without spell check? Couldn't even spell pizazz.