Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow day


We headed home from holiday festivities a day early to beat the snowfall, which turned out to be the right decision considering how messy the roads were here on Sunday. Robb and I made a morning trek to the grocery store, and it was a slushy mess and still falling. Sukey and I were totally wiped out from all the Christmas excitement. We spent Sunday afternoon here on the couch, enjoying the fire, listening to football games.

Sukey and belly

I think Sukey already loves her little sister/brother. At least as a pillow.

Belly's eye view

Funny how stretchy pants never would have entered my wardrobe 9 months ago, and now I'm all about them. I have this feeble idea that they accentuate how non-fat my legs and ass are compared to the ginormous belly. Please don't shatter this illusion for me. Also, please note that I am lounging in the tweed stitch scarf that Angie made me for Christmas this year and the lava boots (that's what I call them) that Jenny made for me about a year and a half ago. Hooray for handmade goodness!


Mo said...

We did much of the same thing for the storming.

I totally agree with you on the stretchy leggings theory. (mutual delusion society? No way. Are butts look awesome.)

bbmowery said...

Our butts are totally hot right now!