Friday, November 19, 2010


This blog post is going to be EPIC.

It has a car chase, lots of sexual tension, a litter of kittens, some insider trading, a fireworks display, a recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving martini, rare photos of Lindsay Lohan sober and fully clothed, an iPhone app for finding Waldo, a partridge in a pear tree, and....

Confusion amid the cake walk

...a lot of confused people trying to perpetrate a cake walk at the Grace Church Holiday Craft Fair...

My craft table which I sold a bunch of scarves, note cards, and costume jewelry. Huge THANK YOU's go out to all my loyal patrons. And to all the mommas who shared their graphic labor and delivery stories with me to pass the time.

Rev. Jen with her new puppies

I got to meet Jen's new doggies. One is named Paris and the other one is Jeselle or Charlize or Baguette or something like that.

Baby shower cake

And then my awesome sister-in-laws threw me a baby shower. So much fun!

Baby shower

Please someone email me some good photos from the party because mine all look like this...

Mila crying for mommy

...or like this.

So many stuffed animals

Seriously, though, I can only describe the gifts we received as an embarrassment of riches. Robb and I spent about four hours on Wednesday night taking tags off of tiny clothes and assembling gadgets and taking things out of boxes. Someone asked me what we still need, and I was like, "Um...just the baby."

Clifford quilt from Chris

Clifford quilt reverse

Once again I discovered that if you let the universe know you love to receive handmade gifts, the universe delivers. Chris gave us this adorable Clifford the Big Red Dog quilt that her mother made, perhaps the last baby quilt her mother will make for anyone. Clifford was one of my absolute favorite characters as a child. I wonder how they knew? Check out that sweet heart print on the reverse side--that's all snugly warm flannel.

Hand knit blanket by Aunt Maxine

Baby blanket detail

Aunt Maxine is an iron woman. This is the fourth (at least) baby blanket she has hand knit this year, and I believe it is the best one yet. Heh. What a labor of love! I knit, so I know--oh, I KNOW--what all was involved this blanket's making. The time commitment alone is mind boggling. We love love love it! And I officially declare that our baby will be wrapped in Aunt Maxine's blanket when we bring him/her home from the hospital.

Neither pictured or handmade, but completely awesome nonetheless, is the book that Anita gave us called Cool Spaces for Kids by Sam Scarborough. It has me ready to fast-forward directly to toddler, so we can start building teepees and puppet theaters and playhouses and all that jazz.

Handmade gifts

Some other lovely goodies came from Ellie and from our neighbor Carl. First, Ellie knitted our baby the teeniest tiniest stocking cap in the entire world. And she also gave us the little white cardigan, the sock monkey, and the embroidered poem. Each were handmade by someone. And Carl gave us a framed copy of the poem he had written for his sister's baby's birth a few years ago. Her baby's gender was also going to be a surprise, so the poem tells the story of a mom and dad painting their nursery half pink and half blue so their baby would be greeted by a cheerful world of color, no matter whether it was a girl or boy.

Gone fishing with my Daddy

Daddy's fishing buddy

Chere and George gave Robb a tiny tackle box and fishing rod. But it was this t-shirt (front and back shown above) that they had made up that got him a little misty. Even though he won't admit it. I overheard him talking with DNR Rick (he works for the Department of Natural Resources so that's what we call him) the next day trying to figure out how soon you can take a baby out fishing. Together they determined that if trout season opens in March, then age two months seems appropriate.

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Wendy is totally Carl's fishing buddy. She has her own box and pole and everything. He definitely cries a little with joy every time she asks when they can go fishing again.