Monday, November 29, 2010

Best of Thanksgiving

Colin and Pappy

Pappy? Are we seriously calling you Pappy now?

Colin steals the show

That nephew of mine Colin is almost 7 months old. Once again he totally stole the show.

Mila with Charlene

And niece Mila is 14 months. She's cutting molars and was a very unhappy camper by the end of the night. Her mommy threatened that if she didn't stop crying she wouldn't be invited back. But that's hardly the case. If crying got your ejected from the Mowery household, Charlene would have moved out years ago.

Chere, Brian and Sukey

Sukey tends to be shy at social gatherings, taking a while to warm up and make herself at home. This photo  was taken right before she asked Brian to go mix her a martini, shaken not stirred, with a slice of Pup-Peroni instead of an olive.

New Christmas ornament

Cute. Robb's picking up our tree on Saturday.

Gary's birthday cake

We also celebrated Gary's birthday with a small bonfire. Kevin, I hate to say it but with your birthday being so close to both babies due dates, we might not cut your cake until Easter.

Robb has a way with children

Robb has a way with children.

Dogs want dessert

The dogs were gated out of the dining room, but it didn't prevent Mason from making pitiful howling noises from the kitchen throughout the meal. Maddie decided to compete with her from the far end of table. It's hard to say who was fussier, the baby or the dog.

Relaxing after dinner

I miss the good old days when everyone stretched out on the floor after dinner and fell asleep in front of the fireplace. Okay maybe not everyone, but I did. Now it's like laying down on top of a basketball.

AJ, Maddie, and Mommy play Lincoln Logs

AJ (age 6): Are you the one who's having a baby?
Me: Yep.
AJ: I thought so. Is it going to be a boy or a girl?
Me: We don't know. It's going to be a surprise.
AJ: (pauses) Are you married?

33 weeks and counting

Adam (age 4): Can I touch your belly?
Me: Sure.
Adam: (touches my belly) Mommy, her belly's really hard!
Mommy (April): That's because there's a baby in there.
Me: Do you remember when baby Maddie was in Mommy's tummy?
Adam: Yeah, but Mommy's tummy never got THAT big.

Amy made gender specific turkey cookies

Amy sent us a box of her famous gender specific turkey sugar cookies from Pittsburgh, complete with a flock of baby turkeys.


Tmomma said...

was that Alf in the gift bag?

i first read this post while at work and they block the pics so when you said fire I pictured outside...funny to look at the pics at home and see the fire inside.

bbmowery said...

Yes, that was Alf! :) Robb had Gary's Alf stuffie on long term loan and decided to give it back in time for their baby to enjoy it. I have to say, I love Alf, too, but it's the creepiest stuffed animal in the world. Damn eyes follow you everywhere.

Mo said...

I remember Alf. seems that the one turkey cookie would be the one from the Gay Macey's Day Parade?


bbmowery said...

That's the fancy plumage that indicates he is a boy turkey cookie. (Although he could be a gay turkey.) Note that the girl turkey cookie is plain brown. Like real turkeys. I usually call these the "anatomically correct turkey cookies" but it confuses Robb. He wastes a lot of time looking for frosted naughty bits.

bbmowery said...

Oh, and I meant to mention that AJ was not proposing marriage to me, rather his tone indicated something along the lines of morality police--like was someone at least going to step up and make an honest woman of me. So perceptive at 6.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That pic of Madelynn and Robb is priceless! Love it!